Brexit Negotiations Week Two Update

European Commission negotiator Michel Barnier following the second round of Article 50 negotiations with the United Kingdom.

"Our second round was about the presentation of our respective positions. Our objective was to start working on substance and also to continue building trust between us. I wanted to identify the points where we agree and the points where we disagree. This was possible this week for the issues on which there was a clear British position."

"On Ireland, we had a first discussion on the impact of Brexit on two key subjects: the Good Friday Agreement and the Common Travel Area. We agree that the important issue of the Good Friday Agreement, in all its dimensions, requires more detailed discussions. In particular, more work needs to be done to protect North-South cooperation between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Today, that cooperation is embedded in the common framework of EU law and EU policies. We need to better understand how the UK intends on ensuring the continuation of this cooperation after Brexit. We also agreed that the UK should clarify in the next session how it intends on maintaining the Common Travel Area after leaving the EU."

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