Back Soon - All Gone On Holiday

With the clock ticking on Brexit negotiations, insurers and brokers can rest assured that governments are working 24/7 towards solutions.

Hold on - most civil servants and politicians have gone off on holiday.

The talks between the UK and EU have been suspended for a full month and resume on 28 August - except that they will not as 28 August is a Bank Holiday! 

Realising they have been spouting  "facts" about EU immigration without actually having any facts- the Home Secretary has commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee to examine the role EU nationals play in the UK economy and society.

MAS will report sometime in September- as in August - come on by now you must have guessed- is holiday time.

And Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is in full flow in Japan, "Since the Brexit vote last year I have no doubt at all that we are going to build a fantastic relationship with our friends and partners in the EU. We’re leaving the EU but we’re not leaving Europe. And one that allows us to continue to build our commercial and economic relations with Japan."

No mention there of the recent EU and Japan trade deal - that as members of the EU, the UK would have automatically benefited from, but now we are not allowed to discuss trade deals with Japan until at least 2019.

Yes, you can now go off on your summer holiday in full confidence that our politicians have it all under control.

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