London Makes It Possible

The IUA has launched a new campaign to promote the London Market.

This highlights the ecosystem of 52,000 insurance and risk management professionals. Every day the London Market brings together an unrivalled breadth of expertise that helps people to realise their ambitions and drive progress around the world.

The new campaign, initiated by the London Market Group, will help communicate this, and bring to life many of the economic and social activities that the London Market makes possible across the globe.

Visit and see the work of the London Market brought to life.

In the future, jetpacks will enable emergency rescue workers to go where helicopters can’t, and the London Market provides the liability insurance to create and test them.

Easy to fly with minimum training, jetpacks will one day allow response teams to perform rapid search and rescue, delivering medical supplies to places that would otherwise be inaccessible by conventional means. The London Market’s appetite for a challenge, and track record of leading new product development, provides the cover for aviation innovators to perfect new personal-flight products.

Today, data is used to make many important decisions, and for patients the most important of these are medical. The London Market delivers solutions to protect medical data against corruption and cyber-attack.

Whether in diagnostic procedures or clinical trials, doctors now use algorithms, artificial intelligence and supercomputers to provide better care to their patients. But when it comes to medical data, security is paramount. That’s why the London Market delivers industry-leading solutions to protect it. London accounts for 28% of global cyber insurance and helps businesses large and small to recover from the consequences of cyber attack – pioneering cover and services that barely existed a decade ago.


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