UK Government Wakes Up

Chancellor Philip Hammond replied to Treasury Select Committee chair Nicky Morgan, "The government is alive to the risk that the UK’s withdrawal could, in some cases, create legal uncertainties as to the status of existing cross-border insurance, pension, and other financial services contracts sold under passporting arrangements.

The UK government and the European Commission recognise Brexit’s potential effect when it comes to continuity of service provision. The government has been actively engaging with the financial services sector – including the insurance and pensions industry – to understand how the UK’s exit from the EU could impact financial services firms and their customers, including through the effect of withdrawal on existing contractual relationships. There is a shared interest for both the UK and the EU in ensuring that we avoid outcomes that impose unnecessary costs and disruption on individuals and businesses as the UK leaves the EU. What the final EU-UK relationship looks like will be a matter of negotiation, but we are ambitious in our aim to secure a bespoke and reciprocal arrangement that preserves the greatest possible market.”

The Bank of England, Financial Conduct Authority, and Prudential Regulation Authority are working closely with regulated firms, as well as with financial market infrastructures, to ensure comprehensive plans are in place for the full range of possible outcomes.



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